Twinkling Nepal

Day 1 – 16th Feb 2020

By 9 am, we had left for New Jalpaipuri Station.

We had booked a private cab for NPR 1200/- to Bhadrapur (Chandragadhi) Airport.

One can also get such cabs or buses from Silliguri Station, but we weren’t aware.

It was the worst day of the trip so far. We had reached the Airport by 12 pm.

However, our aeroplane (50 minutes flight) commenced at 7 pm! For 7 hours we were stranded at the Airport.

We had some snacks, because there was no chance of having a lunch in that remote area.

We made a few friends at the Airport.

Firstly, a cute girl – Rojina Limbu shared her internet with us, so we could try and search for good hotels in Kathmandu.

Rojina Limbu

She suggested staying in Thamel as that was the main area for the Tourists.

Once, we reached Kathmandu, via Buddha Air, another friend, an Uncle from Silliguri – Mr Ratan Agarwal, gave us tips to roam around Kathmandu.

He stayed at a lavish hotel in the interiors, but we wished for something simple. So, we booked Hotel Kathmandu Regency which was at the heart of Thamel.

The room was small, cozy and neat.

Hotel Kathmandu Regency

It was too late. Yet, we found a restaurant. For safe side, we ordered 1 Veg Fried Rice. The Rice was not cooked properly. We just had them to fill in our hungry tummies. We paid NPR 500/-.

We strolled around the Walking Street and enjoyed watching the twinkling Cafés.

Walking Street – Thamel

As we were too tired, we retired off early.

Day 2 – 17th Feb 2020

After a nice cozy sleep, we were quite fresh for Kathmandu.

We had lunch at a pure veg restaurant – Aniyor. We had ordered for 1 Roasted Papad, 1 Mix Veg and 4 Butter Chapatis. Very yummy food. The bill came to around NPR 500/-.

Then, we headed to Vasant Durbar Square. There we saw some Cafés, Handicraft Shops, Temples and a whole Market selling Handicraft items.

By 4 pm, we were back to Thamel. We had taken a cab both ways. Each time they charged us NPR 200/-.

Chirag bought a Sim Card for NPR 700/- with 1 month validity.

Just outside our hotel, a lady sold milk and a little further, there was a fruit vendor. We bought bananas and a packet of milk. Chirag made yummy Banana Milkshake using his special Electronic Mini Blender.

After refreshning, we roamed around Thamel. There were immense Bookshops, numerous Handicraft and Pashmina Shawl sellers, quite a few ones offering genuine goldsilver, diamond and stone jewellery and great many Cafés and Restaurants.

We sat at the Mitho Café just one shop away from our Hotel – Hotel Kathmandu Regency. Between the two, there was a Fresh Juice Seller.

We relaxed at the Mitho Café for a while, had Fresh Orange Juice and headed to our room.