Strange Tales

Strange Tales

A Threatening Time

Chapter 5

15th Aug 2018 8 AM Mumbai

Top 12 Indian Doctors had a

conference at a 5 Star Hotel 

close to the Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

They were having a nice breakfast.

Univited, the tall and hefty man

entered the breakfast hall with 

a huge gift-wrapped box. He was

about to gift it to the senior 

most Doctor but Eagle Jack froze

him with a Taser from behind and

safely took away the box.

The box had a Time-Bomb!

Eagle Jack diffused it promptly.

However, the very next moment, the

breakfast hall was filled with 

tear gas.

Aawaz stealthily entered and
quickly took away the tall and

hefty man.

Eagle Jack was stumped, yet he had
saved the Doctors.

The tall and hefty man was Saasha

- the leader of a group who spread

terror amongst Indians.

Saasha: Aawaz ... You are tiny but 
        quite quick and brainy.
        You risked your life to
        save mine. From now on,
        you will be my special

Aawaz:  You gave me a new name and  
        a new life. Your wish is
        my command.

A Threatening Time

Chapter 4

9th Aug 2018 7 PM Mumbai

A young guy ... seemed about ten

... scared and sweaty ... ran

helter-skelter on Juhu Beach ... 

seeking refuge. He dashed against
a tall and hefty man, who caught

hold of him.

Man: Whom are you running from?

Boy: Police ... I stole some
     fruits from a vendor ... I 
     was hungry but had no money

Man: Don't fear. You are safe with 
     me. Come to your new home.
     From today, you shall be
     called - Aawaz.

Boy: No ... Let me go. I don't
     even know you.

Police Constables were closing in,

so the small guy reluctantly

agreed and started a new life as


A Threatening Time

Chapter 3

7th Aug 2018 9 PM Nagpur

Eagle Dhyay addresses his team again.

Dhyay:  Eagles and Ghosts ... You
        are now ready to protect
        and even crush!

Jack:   We won't spare a single

Dhyay:  Eagle Jack - Mumbai, Eagle 
        Spark - Delhi, Eagle Maya
        - Kolkata, Eagle Jaan -
        Chennai, Spiky - Dalhousie
        and Spooky ... Scoop out 
        their bones ... one by

Spooky: You bet, I will.


A Threatening Time

Chapter 2

7th Feb 2018 4 AM Nagpur

Eagle Dhyay addresses his team.

Dhyay:  India is a hot target. All 
        of us have lost our loved 
        ones in several mishaps. 
        It's  time to strongly
        protect and give a crisp 

Jack:   We are ready.

Dhyay:  No ... But you'll will
        soon be. Your training 
        starts right away. 

Spooky: Let's terrorise Terror

A Threatening Time

Chapter 1

12th June 2020 10 AM Dalhousie

Spooky:The Threatening Time is 
       set. December. Alert the 
       Eagles. Love you.

Spiky: The Eagles are ready.
       Eyes on you. Love you.

Spiky contacts Eagle Jack.

Spiky: December. Search faster.

Jack:  Can smell but can't 

Spiky: See quick and just crush!

Jack:  Right!

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