Secrets Unlocked!

Meet your very own Mystery Crackers – Prash and Nish!

It was a beautiful yet challenging journey right from day one. However, numerous Creative Individuals helped me through it.

Also, here you will enjoy tiny tit-bits about The Mystery Crackers.


Back in 2014, my Creative Writing Students – Jash Karani and Sakshi Karani challenged me!

I had expressed my desire to write a novel in front of them. So, Jash started,

“Ma’am if you really want to write a story, then do write it. Don’t just say it!”

And Sakshi claimed, “Before publishing it, you will first show your Final Draft to us!”

Jash declared, “We don’t like reading fat books. Better make your story short, fast and crisp. Plus we should have fun.”

Sakshi added, “Also, after reading it, our Story Writing Skills, Creative Writing Skills and Vocabulary should improve. So that someday, even we can write amazing stories.”

So that’s how my first Self-Published Novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale was Born!

The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale – Video
The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale (

Prash – one of your favourite Mystery Crackers takes inspiration from my real life friend – Mr Prashant Machhar!

I had met Prashant through a common friend – Mr Hari Raja. Three of my close cousins had done their MBA. For their Felicitation, we needed a special video. Hari and Prashant added their Creative Magic and prepared a lovely Video.

Thereafter, Prashant used to guide me and share wonderful tips about Video Editing.

When I started writing The Mystery Crackers Story, I wanted interesting fraternal twins. Instantly, Prashant and my close Buddy (Nishant) popped up in my head.

No, real life Prashant and Nishant are not twins. Infact, they haven’t even met! They happen to be mine and Hari’s common friends.

Prashant was happy to know that one of my main characters was based on him. Let’s hear his thoughts on it.

  1. One of the main characters – Prash from The Mystery Crackers Series is based on you. How do you feel about it?

Mr Prashant Machhar: It’s an amazing feeling! I am really glad that Author Jinal Chirag Shah chose to create a character on my personality.

2. Author Jinal Chirag Shah has created Prash as – Wise, Polite, Tall, Intellectual, Calm, An Avid Reader and Extremely Creative. How are you similar or different from Prash?

Mr Prashant Machhar: I am quite similar to Prash. I avoid arguments, like to read about interesting topics (though I am not an avid reader) and enjoy enhancing my Videos with my Creative Touch.

3. Is there any specific trait of yours that you want the Author Jinal Chirag Shah to imbibe in her Character – Prash?

Mr Prashant Machhar: Not really. I am happy the way Prash is growing story by story.

4. Your wishes for the Author Jinal Chirag Shah

Mr Prashant Machhar: I wish Author Jinal Chirag Shah great success and hope she creates more mystery stories with her Prash and Nish.

Thanks a lot Mr Prashant Machhar for letting me create my Prash on you.

The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale (

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