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Hey Friends!

I am proud to announce that Mr Aaryan Bhattacharya (son of my very close friends – Chandreyee Bhattacharya and Turbashu Bhattacharya) has crafted a wonderful story, where in, he gives us hope to fight against the deadly Coronavirus. Kudos to you my dear Aaryan! Keep writing more stories!

Aaryan Bhattacharya

Saviour Of The World

– Aaryan Bhattacharya

The story starts in a huge room. As you enter, you watch The Fastrack Man sitting and thinking about the world crisis due to Covid-19 and the ways that he can fight it … even protect the world from it.

Thankfully, his master – The Nanotech Man pays him a visit. They discuss ways to save people from the deadly virus – Covid-19. They are planning to fight the world crisis together.

Equipped with masks, sanitizers, PPE Kits and gloves, they fight the deadly virus by going home to home.

They donate these items to every family in the whole world. Also, they teach them how to wash their hands properly, how to take hot water baths after going out, how to maintain social distancing and how to be hopeful.

Both of them combine their powers and create a foolproof vaccine – The Nanofast Vaccine to cure the global citizens.

With God’s grace and their immense powers, they finally beat the deadly virus and completely remove it from the entire world. Everyone is cured.

Both The Fastrack Man and The Nanotech Man recharge themselves with power sources like Atom Cube, Energon and AllSpark to technically equip themselves.

Every time any crisis will attack the world, The Fastrack Man and The Nanotech Man will always be there to protect the global citizens.

The End

Bravo! Mr Aaryan Bhattacharya thank you so much for such a hopeful story. Looking forward to more such interesting tales.

– Jinal Chirag Shah

Jinal Chirag Shah

A Freelance Writer and a Creative Writing Teacher, I am a Gold Leaf Diplomat from the Writers Bureau Institute . I have earned an MA in English Literature and have several published Articles to my credit. 

The Mystery Crackers: The Ritzy Maartle is my Third Self-Published Novel, succeeding the first two novels – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale and The Mystery Crackers: Tattooed Music . I aspire to create a series on them.

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The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale
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Sisters Forever!

Book Description

This is a very special story, as it has been written by Grade 1 and Grade 3 kids. – Aashmeen Kaur Hehar, Japleen Kaur Hehar, Harsan Singh Kohli, Arya Gangar and Kabir Ahuja. They are learning Creative Writing/English at a lovely pre-school – Forward Steps (Navi Mumbai, India) with me. We dedicate this story to our Creative Mentor – Kruti Shah (Owner of Forward Steps).

Clubbing their fantastic ideas, the kids have crafted a sweet tale of Mermaid Sisters and the evil Smoky Man! Who are these Mermaid Sisters? What activities do they do? What happens when the Smoky Man steals away their youngest sister? How they face the ugly Smoky Man? To know all these answers, you must read SISTERS FOREVER! At the end of the story, the kids leave us with an extremely important lesson – Prayers Create Miracles! Do read this amazing tale and share your Reviews.

– Jinal Chirag Shah