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I am an avid reader and love sharing my views regarding stories that I enjoyed reading, with everyone.

If you wish your Novel/Story/Poem to reach out to numerous people, and of course, gather more Sales, then, I can help you spread the word.

I can also conduct an Author Interview.

Your Book Review will appear on your Amazon Link, Goodreads Link, my WordPress Blog, my Facebook Wall, my Facebook Page, my Twitter Handle and my Instagram Handle.

Your Author Interview will appear on my Blog and I shall share it on all the above Social Media Platforms.

I do have a couple of followers that might get interested to buy your book after reading the Book Review and the Author Interview.

My charges are Rs 500/- per Book.

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Also, I would be happy, if you would provide your review in a few words for my novels on the links provided above.

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Jinal Shailesh Doshi