When an idea strikes you, the first thing in mind comes your genre.

Genres are categories like Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Romance, War, Western, Humour, Tragedy, etc.

Choose any genre, do thorough research regards the same, read famous books of the same genre and then get back to your idea.

Now you will have plenty of ideas to go about your story. Jot down your ideas on a paper. Prepare an outline of your story. Do character analysis of your various major and minor characters.

Then, wait for two days and then start writing your story.

First, I choose to write on paper as it gives me a tremendous creative flow. At that time, I don’t worry about grammar, structure or spellings. I just keep writing. Once I am done with my rough draft, then I start writing my story on MS Word.

After finishing my story, I start proofreading and editing. Then, I give it to some close people to read it to gain their frank and critical views.

Later come Typesetting and Illustrations along with Cover Page and Back Cover.

You need to create a crisp and attractive Blurb for your Back Cover too.

I will be explaining all the major points in detail in my upcoming posts.

So, stay tuned.


Happy Reading!


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