Word Blocks

Word Blocks

You are damn excited! You have a blank page in front of you. You are all set to write a new piece.

However, you encounter a sudden Word Block!

Word Blocks are damn frustrating and time wasting. Imagine you have a deadline to meet and a Word Block pops up immensely teasing your nerves.

What would you do?

Run away from it for a while or force your mind to write something?

Even I have faced Word Blocks and trust me at times they are nerve wrecking.

Nevertheless, after doing a little research, I found a few ways to combat them. Let me share them with you. Who knows, you may use one of them and squash away your Word Blocks for ever!

Tricks to vanish Word Blocks

1. Walk away from your blank page for a while. Do any other activity, such as dance, sing, watch TV, surf on the net, chat with a friend, cook, sleep, read or go for a walk.

2. Discuss what you want to write with someone close and trustworthy. I usually discuss things with my Mom – Falguni Doshi or my brother – Harsh Doshi. They are patient listeners and critical advisors.

3. Read something familiar to give you some idea.

4. Search on the internet for Writing Prompts.

5. At times, I go to the garden and sway on a swing happily. Innumerable ideas flash in front of me!

6. Dance or listen to your favourite music.

7. Play with a child or a pet. Trust me, it’s very soothing.

8. Check out your Cutting’s File for ideas.

9. Read your own previous written or published work. (It’s damn motivating!)

10. Last but not the least – just write … something … anything. It will trigger your creative nerves and words will flow like magic. You can always edit later.

So, face your Word Blocks boldly and create brilliant pieces!

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