Diary Dearest!

Diary Dearest!

Do any of you have a personal diary? If yes, then, I am sure, it will be hiding all your cushy-mushy secrets, your moods and tantrums, your ideas and your rawest creativity!

Do you know why? Because, when you write in a diary, you are yourself. No pretence, no ifs and buts … just the truth.

Keeping a diary is the best thing for a writer. When my husband had expressed his love for me for the first time … he had gifted me a diary. It’s a treasured gift for me!

Yes, now-a-days people keep online diaries. That’s fair enough. However, writing on a page with ink and sharing your vital secrets with your diary is an altogether different feeling.

Try it … I am sure you will love it!

As an author, it gives you a regular flow of writing. It is one of the best remedies for Word Blocks!

So, my dear friends, gift yourself a beautiful diary and embellish it with your secrets!

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