Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

“I want to be a published Writer!”

This was not just a sentence but a mantra for me that lead me to my goal and thoroughly aided me in publishing my novel.

As you’ll know, I went through a few challenges, but one of them was the question – should I publish my book traditionally or take the self-publishing route?

After doing some research, I summerized the following things and came up with these differences –

Traditional Publishing

1. You might have to wait for years and maybe your book may never see the light of day.

2. If some publishing company does agree to publish your story, then, they take care of all the details, cover designing, formatting, editing, finances, hassles, promoting, etc.

(At times, some publishers ask for money and you have to do all the marketing by yourself. So, it’s best to check things thoroughly and then go ahead with the publisher.)

3. Distribution and Marketing are the major factors that determine the success of any book. (The publishers take care of it.)

4. You get a royalty depending on the contract signed with the publisher.

5. You get brilliant book launches. Celebrities are invited to launch your book. It gives a good exposure and help boosts sales.

6. You sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

7. It gives you the time to work on your next book and concentrate properly on it.


1. If you plan and execute efficiently, then, within three months, you can see your novel all set to sell in the market.

2. You have to do everything from scratch – editing, proof-reading, designing, financing, printing, publishing, marketing, promoting, distributing and selling.

Of course, you do approach specialists to do the things but you have to run around everywhere.

If you chose to make it your bread and butter, then, you have to master several roles at one go.

3. Distributors don’t take you seriously. It hurts your marketing. Ebooks are safer. But with correct technical knowledge and enough money, you can crack any damn deal and become a famous author.

4. Instead of royalty you get either profits or loses.

5. You need to have a superb book launch, else it effects your marketing severely.

6. You cannot just lay down and start working on your next book. You have to multi-task and be the jack of all trades.

7. It gives you the freedom to make your own choices and determine the course of your book’s marketing, promoting and distribution.

From my own experience, I would choose self-publishing. Though it is way challenging and I have to invest my money and a lot of time but it gives me great profits. Financially and Creatively.

So, if in doubt, then just analyse your priorities and choose the best pathway for your novel.


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