The Juicy Story

The Juicy Story

When I had decided to self-publish my novel, several obstacles bombarded at me.

Firstly, many people said that what can a little girl like me do. I can hardly self–publish a novel. Girls are weak.

Yes my dear friends, even in this modern world we have people with a third class mentally, who are ready to degrade girls at every given chance.

I faced them boldly and clearly said that I will surely self-publish my novel and achieve my dream.

Initially, the printer I had approached did a good job with 100 copies. But, when he printed the 1000 copies, he spoiled half of them and put me in a grave loss!

He too thought that I couldn’t do anything. So, he blamed things on me.

I did some research and three people helped me tremendously. Mr Yawar Khan (an amazing Publisher), Mr Vivek Goel (a brilliant Artist) and Mr Suresh Shah (my uncle and a fantastic Publisher).

They guided me through the technical aspects of printing a novel and showed me my mistakes, quite frankly.

Using that knowledge and with my Mom’s and Uncle – Mr Sanjay Ajani, I achieved some compensation for my loss from the printer.

Also, in my hurry to self-publish, I hadn’t done proper typesetting, printed the books with a wrong printer and not done thorough research regards to marketing my novel.

Mr Vivek Goel and his team gave me a marvellous new Cover Page for my novel.

Then, I came across Amazon’s KDP Select program. It aided me in publishing my novel as an ebook and gave me a worldwide audience!

Today my novel is available throughout the world on Amazon.

Of course, I used the new Cover Page, did thorough typesetting and covered all the technical aspects properly.

If you are interested in reading it, then, click on the link below.

So my dear readers, if you have people around you, who try to shun you down, then, just stump them with your determination and success.

Kudos to Writing!


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