Story of my Story

Story of my Story

Yes, I have a nice juicy story of my Story – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale.

As you’ll know, I had written my entire story within a week. However, there was a long way to go.

First things first, I asked Jash Karani and Sakshi Karani to review it. They did so fervently. Then I approached my Mom – Falguni Doshi, my brother – Harsh Doshi, his best friend – Alan Dias, my brilliant buddy – Hari Raja, my nephew – Monik Doshi and a few others. They too gave their frank opinions and guidelines.

I edited my novel and finally my manuscript was ready. It was a joyful moment. I approached several publishers, however, none responded. Then, I came across one publisher that said they would publish my book but charge me a hefty fee for it.

Frankly, I was quite impatient to get my work published. I had had enough. So, I chose to self-publish my novel.

Yes, it was massively challenging, but I faced all the hurdles and surely achieved my goal.

I met my lovely friend – Natasha Kotian (a superb Graphic Designer) and Tejal (a clever Artist ).

They helped me design my cover page, back page and illustrations. Then, I technically readied my manuscript and went to a printer.

First I printed 100 copies with my own investment. It was a huge success and then I took the plunge of printing 1000 copies!

So, friends, if you feel you have the knack of writing and are willing to share it with the world … then … just keep going!

You might wonder what was so juicy about it? There is loads to share my dear friends. Just keep reading …



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