A Challenge!

 A Challenge!

Jash Karani – my little Puck and Sakshi Karani – my beautiful Snow White  (actually my first and most inspiring students) openly challenged me!

“If you are a Creative Writer, then why don’t you write a novel?” challenged Jash.

“Yes, you can write on any of the genres – Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Romance, War, etc” suggested Sakshi.

“Okay Jinal Teacher, tell me one thing. Who are your favourite Author and Character?” queried Jash.

“Of course, J K Rowling and Harry Potter,” was my instant answer.

“Then why don’t you write a Fantasy novel? You love Fantasy, right?” Sakshi pointed.

“Yes, but …”

“No ifs and buts Teacher, you first be sure of what you wish to write,” declared Jash.

I fondly pondered on our conversion. It was always a dream to be a Novelist. Yes, I knew it would be quite tough. However, when my students, friends and family believed in me, especially my Mom, then, why shouldn’t I go ahead with it?

I chatted with my closest pal – Sejal Nahar.  She was frank, critical and analytical with her approaches. She told me,

“Jinal, I know that you love Harry Potter, but are you emotionally ready to write a Fantasy Novel right now? What is it that draws your attention these days? What do you currently enjoy reading most at present?”

“The Mystery Series of the Hardy Boys,” was my pat reply.

“Exactly! So, write a unique mystery novel for your little champs. It would be the best gift for them and you would be able to fulfil your dream of becoming a Novelist!” explained Sejal.

“Thanks a lot Sejal for your insights!”

I was quite grateful to Sejal, Jash and Sakshi for encouraging me.

Finally I decided to write a mystery novel about fraternal twins – Prash and Nish who encounter an antique golden chest, which leads them to a grand discovery.

I shared this idea with all three of them. Sejal was ecstatic. Nevertheless, Jash and Sakshi had a few demands.

“We don’t like reading fat books, so please keep your book thin,” proclaimed Jash.

“Through your novel, we wish to learn new vocabulary, grammatical, conversational and Story Writing skills,” stated Sakshi.

“It has to be full of fun and suspense,” added Jash.

“It should improve our reading and creative writing skills for years to come,” concluded Sakshi.

Zealously, I accepted their challenge and promised them to write a fantastic story. Within a week, I finished crafting my first novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale with immensely brilliant inputs from my dear mother – Falguni Doshi and caring brother – Harsh Doshi.

That week … my first novel … They glorified my life!

If you too have a story behind your story, then I’d love to hear it.

If you aspire to create a Novel, then just squat and pour away your heart on paper or MS Word!

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