Live Inspirations!

Live Inspirations!

Once I fell in love with books, there was no looking back. I read innumerable stories, biographies, self-help books, various fictions and the list would just go on.

As you’ll know, I loved Harry Potter (again courtsey Nikita Mehra), so naturally J K Rowling became my idol. I wished to be an awesome writer like her.

Easier said than done … I know … I know …

However, I fervently kindled that dream and chose to write a mystery novel for kids somewhere on the lines of Hardy Boys.

I thought on writing on fraternal twins. Amongst my cool friends, I had two close buddies – Prashant Machhar and Nishant Jadhav. With their permission, I based my novel heroes – Prash and Nish on them.

Prash was exactly like my friend Prashant. Tall, lean, confident and immensely intellectual. His calmness and maturity always saved the day.

While Nish was absolutely like my buddy Nishant. Clever, witty, slightly notorious and superbly intelligent. Mess with him and you are gone but honour him wisely, you would have earned the best friend forever!

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you have a story to tell and live inspirations in front of you, then just don the writer’s hat and fire away your story!

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