“You need inspiration to write something creative.”

“Without inspiration, you cannot churn out a good piece of writing.”

“First get inspired, then write and then see how others get inspired by your work.”

“There’s nothing like inspiration. You just write …”

“Inspiration is an illusion. Embrace reality and just focus on writing.”

I grew up hearing these quotes. Was I inspired or not? Let’s see …

As a child, I loved creating stories … just oral stories. My cousins told me that I was so earnest with my stories that until they were finished, I did not allow anyone to leave their seats!

Though, I hated writing anything. It was extremely boring for me. The worst was reading. I used to wonder, why people read books, when they could easily play or watch television.

Then I met Nikita Mehra – My Inspiration! I was in 8th that time. Nikita was a dear friend. She was a humble scholar and always ready to help fellow students with their studies.

She had quietly observed that due to my lack of proper reading I was falling back in education. Umpteen times, she insisted that I should pursue reading but I never budged.

Finally, one day she gave me an ultimatum. She told me that if I did not read, then I would lose her friendship for ever! That was so shocking!

Nikita was a very dear friend. I looked up to her. How could I let her go just for a silly thing … I thought. So, I told her that I would try reading just a page. Even then if I got bored, then I wouldn’t go ahead. I had requested her not to force me further. She quickly agreed and jubilantly dragged me to our school library. There she chose a book for me herself – The Hidden House by Enid Blyton.

Nikita placed the book in my hand and gave me a week’s time to read it. I believed I wouldn’t be able to read even a paragraph, lest a page. Reading was so damn boring for me. Our free period was still on, so I started reading. Funnily, I actually finished reading an entire page quite swiftly. I read further and soon finished a chapter. I thought, let me give it a try. It’s just a question of one book.

Would you believe it? I read the entire story in one night. I enjoyed it so much and thus, I fell in love with reading! All thanks to my clever friend – Nikita Mehra!

She was super happy to know the result.

Dear Nikita, you truly are an inspiration! If I have achieved my dream of self-publishing my novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale, it’s because of your dedication towards my reading. Thank you so much! God Bless You!

I do believe in inspirations. They could be in the form of friends, family, inanimate objects … just anything or anyone. One just needs to observe things and people in an innovative way … and there, you will get your inspiration for sure.

Nonetheless, just don’t keep waiting for inspirations. Create them if need be and win millions of hearts through your creativity!

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