Creative Writing

Creative Writing

One might wonder, why I suddenly chose to write about Creative Writing. It’s actually very simple. Ever since I read Harry Potter, I was mesmerised by J K Rowling and her amazing creativity. When I delved further into this subject, I discovered numerous aspects that changed my life completely!

Initially, I was just a Freelance Writer. However, my lovely angels – my darling students made me an excellent Creative English Teacher!

Through their studies, I embraced several facets of Creative Writing and with my knowledge earned from my Comprehensive Creative Writing Course from the Writers Bureau Institute, I created a style of my own regards to my writing and teaching.

Two of my brilliant students – Jash Karani and Sakshi Karani challenged me to write a short, crisp and an engaging story filled with fun and suspense. I carved it with vibrant vocabulary and numerous writing techniques and thus emerged my first novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale.

Of course, I have already started working on my next novel. It’s another mystery adventure encountered by my story heroes – Prash and Nish.

From now on, wait for this space to enjoy my writing and teaching journey and grasp innovative Creative Writing techniques.

I will be sharing ideas pertaining to children’s creative writing studies, story writing, getting published and a lot more.

I am sure there are numerous creative individuals out there who are either clueless or confused regards to this challenging subject.

So, wait for the next piece and watch how Creative Writing’s magic unfolds!


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