Diary Dearest!

Diary Dearest!

Do any of you have a personal diary? If yes, then, I am sure, it will be hiding all your cushy-mushy secrets, your moods and tantrums, your ideas and your rawest creativity!

Do you know why? Because, when you write in a diary, you are yourself. No pretence, no ifs and buts … just the truth.

Keeping a diary is the best thing for a writer. When my husband had expressed his love for me for the first time … he had gifted me a diary. It’s a treasured gift for me!

Yes, now-a-days people keep online diaries. That’s fair enough. However, writing on a page with ink and sharing your vital secrets with your diary is an altogether different feeling.

Try it … I am sure you will love it!

As an author, it gives you a regular flow of writing. It is one of the best remedies for Word Blocks!

So, my dear friends, gift yourself a beautiful diary and embellish it with your secrets!

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing?

“I want to be a published Writer!”

This was not just a sentence but a mantra for me that lead me to my goal and thoroughly aided me in publishing my novel.

As you’ll know, I went through a few challenges, but one of them was the question – should I publish my book traditionally or take the self-publishing route?

After doing some research, I summerized the following things and came up with these differences –

Traditional Publishing

1. You might have to wait for years and maybe your book may never see the light of day.

2. If some publishing company does agree to publish your story, then, they take care of all the details, cover designing, formatting, editing, finances, hassles, promoting, etc.

(At times, some publishers ask for money and you have to do all the marketing by yourself. So, it’s best to check things thoroughly and then go ahead with the publisher.)

3. Distribution and Marketing are the major factors that determine the success of any book. (The publishers take care of it.)

4. You get a royalty depending on the contract signed with the publisher.

5. You get brilliant book launches. Celebrities are invited to launch your book. It gives a good exposure and help boosts sales.

6. You sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

7. It gives you the time to work on your next book and concentrate properly on it.


1. If you plan and execute efficiently, then, within three months, you can see your novel all set to sell in the market.

2. You have to do everything from scratch – editing, proof-reading, designing, financing, printing, publishing, marketing, promoting, distributing and selling.

Of course, you do approach specialists to do the things but you have to run around everywhere.

If you chose to make it your bread and butter, then, you have to master several roles at one go.

3. Distributors don’t take you seriously. It hurts your marketing. Ebooks are safer. But with correct technical knowledge and enough money, you can crack any damn deal and become a famous author.

4. Instead of royalty you get either profits or loses.

5. You need to have a superb book launch, else it effects your marketing severely.

6. You cannot just lay down and start working on your next book. You have to multi-task and be the jack of all trades.

7. It gives you the freedom to make your own choices and determine the course of your book’s marketing, promoting and distribution.

From my own experience, I would choose self-publishing. Though it is way challenging and I have to invest my money and a lot of time but it gives me great profits. Financially and Creatively.

So, if in doubt, then just analyse your priorities and choose the best pathway for your novel.


The Juicy Story

The Juicy Story

When I had decided to self-publish my novel, several obstacles bombarded at me.

Firstly, many people said that what can a little girl like me do. I can hardly self–publish a novel. Girls are weak.

Yes my dear friends, even in this modern world we have people with a third class mentally, who are ready to degrade girls at every given chance.

I faced them boldly and clearly said that I will surely self-publish my novel and achieve my dream.

Initially, the printer I had approached did a good job with 100 copies. But, when he printed the 1000 copies, he spoiled half of them and put me in a grave loss!

He too thought that I couldn’t do anything. So, he blamed things on me.

I did some research and three people helped me tremendously. Mr Yawar Khan (an amazing Publisher), Mr Vivek Goel (a brilliant Artist) and Mr Suresh Shah (my uncle and a fantastic Publisher).

They guided me through the technical aspects of printing a novel and showed me my mistakes, quite frankly.

Using that knowledge and with my Mom’s and Uncle – Mr Sanjay Ajani, I achieved some compensation for my loss from the printer.

Also, in my hurry to self-publish, I hadn’t done proper typesetting, printed the books with a wrong printer and not done thorough research regards to marketing my novel.

Mr Vivek Goel and his team gave me a marvellous new Cover Page for my novel.

Then, I came across Amazon’s KDP Select program. It aided me in publishing my novel as an ebook and gave me a worldwide audience!

Today my novel is available throughout the world on Amazon.

Of course, I used the new Cover Page, did thorough typesetting and covered all the technical aspects properly.

If you are interested in reading it, then, click on the link below.

So my dear readers, if you have people around you, who try to shun you down, then, just stump them with your determination and success.

Kudos to Writing!


Story of my Story

Story of my Story

Yes, I have a nice juicy story of my Story – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale.

As you’ll know, I had written my entire story within a week. However, there was a long way to go.

First things first, I asked Jash Karani and Sakshi Karani to review it. They did so fervently. Then I approached my Mom – Falguni Doshi, my brother – Harsh Doshi, his best friend – Alan Dias, my brilliant buddy – Hari Raja, my nephew – Monik Doshi and a few others. They too gave their frank opinions and guidelines.

I edited my novel and finally my manuscript was ready. It was a joyful moment. I approached several publishers, however, none responded. Then, I came across one publisher that said they would publish my book but charge me a hefty fee for it.

Frankly, I was quite impatient to get my work published. I had had enough. So, I chose to self-publish my novel.

Yes, it was massively challenging, but I faced all the hurdles and surely achieved my goal.

I met my lovely friend – Natasha Kotian (a superb Graphic Designer) and Tejal (a clever Artist ).

They helped me design my cover page, back page and illustrations. Then, I technically readied my manuscript and went to a printer.

First I printed 100 copies with my own investment. It was a huge success and then I took the plunge of printing 1000 copies!

So, friends, if you feel you have the knack of writing and are willing to share it with the world … then … just keep going!

You might wonder what was so juicy about it? There is loads to share my dear friends. Just keep reading …



A Challenge!

 A Challenge!

Jash Karani – my little Puck and Sakshi Karani – my beautiful Snow White  (actually my first and most inspiring students) openly challenged me!

“If you are a Creative Writer, then why don’t you write a novel?” challenged Jash.

“Yes, you can write on any of the genres – Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Romance, War, etc” suggested Sakshi.

“Okay Jinal Teacher, tell me one thing. Who are your favourite Author and Character?” queried Jash.

“Of course, J K Rowling and Harry Potter,” was my instant answer.

“Then why don’t you write a Fantasy novel? You love Fantasy, right?” Sakshi pointed.

“Yes, but …”

“No ifs and buts Teacher, you first be sure of what you wish to write,” declared Jash.

I fondly pondered on our conversion. It was always a dream to be a Novelist. Yes, I knew it would be quite tough. However, when my students, friends and family believed in me, especially my Mom, then, why shouldn’t I go ahead with it?

I chatted with my closest pal – Sejal Nahar.  She was frank, critical and analytical with her approaches. She told me,

“Jinal, I know that you love Harry Potter, but are you emotionally ready to write a Fantasy Novel right now? What is it that draws your attention these days? What do you currently enjoy reading most at present?”

“The Mystery Series of the Hardy Boys,” was my pat reply.

“Exactly! So, write a unique mystery novel for your little champs. It would be the best gift for them and you would be able to fulfil your dream of becoming a Novelist!” explained Sejal.

“Thanks a lot Sejal for your insights!”

I was quite grateful to Sejal, Jash and Sakshi for encouraging me.

Finally I decided to write a mystery novel about fraternal twins – Prash and Nish who encounter an antique golden chest, which leads them to a grand discovery.

I shared this idea with all three of them. Sejal was ecstatic. Nevertheless, Jash and Sakshi had a few demands.

“We don’t like reading fat books, so please keep your book thin,” proclaimed Jash.

“Through your novel, we wish to learn new vocabulary, grammatical, conversational and Story Writing skills,” stated Sakshi.

“It has to be full of fun and suspense,” added Jash.

“It should improve our reading and creative writing skills for years to come,” concluded Sakshi.

Zealously, I accepted their challenge and promised them to write a fantastic story. Within a week, I finished crafting my first novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale with immensely brilliant inputs from my dear mother – Falguni Doshi and caring brother – Harsh Doshi.

That week … my first novel … They glorified my life!

If you too have a story behind your story, then I’d love to hear it.

If you aspire to create a Novel, then just squat and pour away your heart on paper or MS Word!

Live Inspirations!

Live Inspirations!

Once I fell in love with books, there was no looking back. I read innumerable stories, biographies, self-help books, various fictions and the list would just go on.

As you’ll know, I loved Harry Potter (again courtsey Nikita Mehra), so naturally J K Rowling became my idol. I wished to be an awesome writer like her.

Easier said than done … I know … I know …

However, I fervently kindled that dream and chose to write a mystery novel for kids somewhere on the lines of Hardy Boys.

I thought on writing on fraternal twins. Amongst my cool friends, I had two close buddies – Prashant Machhar and Nishant Jadhav. With their permission, I based my novel heroes – Prash and Nish on them.

Prash was exactly like my friend Prashant. Tall, lean, confident and immensely intellectual. His calmness and maturity always saved the day.

While Nish was absolutely like my buddy Nishant. Clever, witty, slightly notorious and superbly intelligent. Mess with him and you are gone but honour him wisely, you would have earned the best friend forever!

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you have a story to tell and live inspirations in front of you, then just don the writer’s hat and fire away your story!



“You need inspiration to write something creative.”

“Without inspiration, you cannot churn out a good piece of writing.”

“First get inspired, then write and then see how others get inspired by your work.”

“There’s nothing like inspiration. You just write …”

“Inspiration is an illusion. Embrace reality and just focus on writing.”

I grew up hearing these quotes. Was I inspired or not? Let’s see …

As a child, I loved creating stories … just oral stories. My cousins told me that I was so earnest with my stories that until they were finished, I did not allow anyone to leave their seats!

Though, I hated writing anything. It was extremely boring for me. The worst was reading. I used to wonder, why people read books, when they could easily play or watch television.

Then I met Nikita Mehra – My Inspiration! I was in 8th that time. Nikita was a dear friend. She was a humble scholar and always ready to help fellow students with their studies.

She had quietly observed that due to my lack of proper reading I was falling back in education. Umpteen times, she insisted that I should pursue reading but I never budged.

Finally, one day she gave me an ultimatum. She told me that if I did not read, then I would lose her friendship for ever! That was so shocking!

Nikita was a very dear friend. I looked up to her. How could I let her go just for a silly thing … I thought. So, I told her that I would try reading just a page. Even then if I got bored, then I wouldn’t go ahead. I had requested her not to force me further. She quickly agreed and jubilantly dragged me to our school library. There she chose a book for me herself – The Hidden House by Enid Blyton.

Nikita placed the book in my hand and gave me a week’s time to read it. I believed I wouldn’t be able to read even a paragraph, lest a page. Reading was so damn boring for me. Our free period was still on, so I started reading. Funnily, I actually finished reading an entire page quite swiftly. I read further and soon finished a chapter. I thought, let me give it a try. It’s just a question of one book.

Would you believe it? I read the entire story in one night. I enjoyed it so much and thus, I fell in love with reading! All thanks to my clever friend – Nikita Mehra!

She was super happy to know the result.

Dear Nikita, you truly are an inspiration! If I have achieved my dream of self-publishing my novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale, it’s because of your dedication towards my reading. Thank you so much! God Bless You!

I do believe in inspirations. They could be in the form of friends, family, inanimate objects … just anything or anyone. One just needs to observe things and people in an innovative way … and there, you will get your inspiration for sure.

Nonetheless, just don’t keep waiting for inspirations. Create them if need be and win millions of hearts through your creativity!

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

One might wonder, why I suddenly chose to write about Creative Writing. It’s actually very simple. Ever since I read Harry Potter, I was mesmerised by J K Rowling and her amazing creativity. When I delved further into this subject, I discovered numerous aspects that changed my life completely!

Initially, I was just a Freelance Writer. However, my lovely angels – my darling students made me an excellent Creative English Teacher!

Through their studies, I embraced several facets of Creative Writing and with my knowledge earned from my Comprehensive Creative Writing Course from the Writers Bureau Institute, I created a style of my own regards to my writing and teaching.

Two of my brilliant students – Jash Karani and Sakshi Karani challenged me to write a short, crisp and an engaging story filled with fun and suspense. I carved it with vibrant vocabulary and numerous writing techniques and thus emerged my first novel – The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale.

Of course, I have already started working on my next novel. It’s another mystery adventure encountered by my story heroes – Prash and Nish.

From now on, wait for this space to enjoy my writing and teaching journey and grasp innovative Creative Writing techniques.

I will be sharing ideas pertaining to children’s creative writing studies, story writing, getting published and a lot more.

I am sure there are numerous creative individuals out there who are either clueless or confused regards to this challenging subject.

So, wait for the next piece and watch how Creative Writing’s magic unfolds!