A Chest’s Tale Launch

Salutations from JINN’S KREATIV TUTORIA!

We are delighted to launch our first title, The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale by Jinal Shailesh Doshi. A self-published mystery novel, it has garnered exceptional appreciation from day one. A quick read, it is specially crafted for 8-15 year old kids. Nevertheless, even elders have enjoyed reading it.

Currently, it is available in all leading bookstores of Ghatkopar, such as – Somaiya Book Depot, Shanti Book Depot, Prabhat Stores, Ghatkopar Book Centre, Jolly Emporium, My Toys, Bharat Toys, Prakash Stores, etc.

The Mystery Crackers

A Chest’s Tale

It’s hard to resist the temptation of possessing an antique golden chest, even if one doesn’t own it. It’s even harder to stop trying to open it, when it stays stiff shut. What if it contains precious gems, jewels, important documents or may be vital nation’s security?

However, when this chest goes missing, closely followed by their Dad’s disappearance, the fraternal twins – Prash and Nish involuntarily don the teen detectives’ avatar.

A withered puzzle engraved on an old stone pavement showers light on their mysterious journey to seek their Dad’s whereabouts and locate the precious chest. Will the young boys taste success at their first go?

Only, The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale has the stirring answer.

Jinal Shailesh Doshi

A Freelance Writer and a Creative Writing Teacher, she is a Gold Leaf Diplomat from the Writers Bureau Institute. She has earned an MA in English Literature and has several published articles to her credit. The Mystery Crackers: A Chest’s Tale is her first novel and she aspires to create a series on it.

ISBN  978-81-9279449-5

For more information or author interviews you can call on +91 9967165029 or write to jinnskreativtutoria@gmail.com.

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Best Wishes,

Jinal Shailesh Doshi




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